Boiler & Burner Service

Mid-South Steam Boiler proudly provides 24/7 support and emergency service for our clients. Our trained technicians can tune and/or troubleshoot your burner for maximum efficiency and perform safety checks to ensure your systems meet the most recent specifications and codes. If needed, we will recommend and design upgrades to your existing systems to boost efficiency and meet environmental standards.

Boiler Repairs & Refurbishments

We have over 30 certified ASME welders with experience in new construction and repair service. Our welders are prepared to go anywhere at any time to provide quality code welding. Our technicians routinely re-tube boilers, replace tube sheets and fire tunnels, patch boilers and pressure vessels, and perform weld repairs per the NBIC code.

Combustion Services

Extend the lifespan of your equipment with our specialized combustion services. Whether a routine inspection or emergency service need, our professionals will ensure your equipment runs properly and safely. Our services include boiler tuning, low water control tests, boiler inspections, boiler burner service, and more.


We offer hot and cold insulation, metal work, and cladding for maintenance repairs and new installation. Our company’s focus is on safety, quality and service. This is reflected in the products we supply from our reliable, affordable vendors. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the energy savings you could experience as a result of our insulation.


Let our expert technicians save you time and ensure peace of mind with our equipment installation services.